Specialty Chemicals
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Specialty Chemicals

PP Activator for Permanganate:

A novel product made in combination of selective acids to be used for activation process of potassium permanganate.


Hypochlorite Activator:

It is a unique product designed to greatly accelerate action of chlorine bleach on indigo denim.Performs synergistically when used in chlorine bleach processes, enabling substantial reductions in chlorine bleach concentrations,bleach cycle time and reduced process temperatures to achieve a given shade,allowing savings in fuel costs & energy costs. Vastly reduce effluent quantities.Environmentally safe product to use in “sustainability” theme.

Neutralizing Agent for Permanganate & Bleaching:

This is a new innovative type of odorless, reducing agent offered to the denim wet processing to compete against noxious sulphites used in the neutralization process.This product offers more advantages compared to sodium metabisulfite presently used to neutralize potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite. Can replace advantageously sodium metabisulfitein all wet processes of textiles to neutralise any residual oxidising agents as hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite.As low dosage is used, it helps to reduced inventory in factory.The desired shades can be controlled easily by treatment pH range and temperature

Sulphur fading chemical :

Oekotex approved, and APEO/Formaldehyde/Heavy metal free decolorant for black denim & any sulphur dyed garment.High effectiveness, stable shade.Through adjusting the dosage and process time, the black denim can be effectively stripped into grey/off white effectively,easily and stably.Can replace potassium permanganate in dealing with black denim, no need neutralize potassium permanganate like conventional tedious process, where, can match the color card directly Easy to use. Avoid corrosive caustic usage in conventional black denim fading.

Spandex Protector :

Newly developed ,Oekotex approved, APEO,formaldehyde free auxiliary for effective protection of spandex, when denim is bleached with chlorine. Chlorine bleach on jeans garment is one of the common garment processes, but the spandex fiber of jeans will be damaged in the hypochlorite bleach, even loose the elasticity and decline the strength.No influence on the effect of chlorine bleach ,and even decrease the dosage of alkali in chlorine bleach and maintain the pH stability of the bleach bath.

Zipper Protector :

Oxidation of brass zippers and other metallic hardware like buttons, rivets and fasteners has always been a problem. This is a unique product, developed to prevent or minimize such kind of oxidation. By applying the zipper protector ahead of any processing phase that attacks metal hardware, oxidation can be avoided. This is especially important during dyeing operations. By applying, this product, ahead of softeners in the last bath,a coating will be exhausted onto the metal, which reduces or prevents oxidation tarnishing

Special polymers for fashionable garments effects:

Indigo Reserving agent(Antibleach effect)Wave dye effect,Back wave dye effect,Crackle effect,Crease dye effect, Rain drop effect, Mud effect,Croc skin effect, Iridescent(Changing) effect,Chalk effect & chalk dye,Seam deposit effect,OSD pigments (One step dyeing auxiliary with pigments),Leather finishing agent with/without pressing.

Yellowing Remover:

Is an excellent product to improve yellowing and recover the original bright color of denim. Convenient operation, No APEO and meet the OEKO-TEX standard. In case of severe yellowing and denim garments requiring high-white weft, a combination of hydrogen peroxide is recommended.

Light fastness improver :

This product is used to increase light fastness of silk and wool fabrics dyed by acidic dyes, cotton and hemp dyed by reactive dyes. Can be used in both padding & exhaust methods.

Soaping agent at low temperature :

An Oekotex approved,innovative energy saving soaping agent for reactive dyes. Totally eliminate unfixed dyes in the soaping solution and on the fibers quickly and effectively without affecting the color at 75 C compared with traditional boiling –off. Water/time/energy saver. Greatly improves fastness (water, washing, perspiration, rubbing, color bleeding ).Non-foaming agent, suitable for every machine like jet-flow, air-flow dyeing machine. Ecological benefits for non-phosphorus, non-VOC, lower COD and BOD.

Formaldehyde Scavenger :

Is a unique, proprietary formaldehyde scavenger compound with ability to reduce the emissions of formaldehyde from durable press finished fabric when measured by either AATCC or Japanese test methods.Has the ability to reduce formaldehyde release by 2-10 fold depending on the level used. Minimum adverse effect on other fabric properties such as whiteness, shrinkage controls, durable press rating, and tensile or tear strength. Can mix with resin mixtures used for either easy care finishing or garment 3 D crease applications to reduce the formaldehyde emissions.

Water & Oil Repellent(PFOA/PFOS Free):

A highly concentrated, non-flammable fluoropolymer finish based on C -6 technology that imparts excellent water and oil repellency properties to most types of fabrics, either natural or synthetic.
Is a low temperature cure product especially recommended for cotton, cotton blends,or other fibers that require low curing temperatures. Treated fabric/garments will withstand multiple laundry and dry-cleaningcycles, while maintaining a high level of water and oil repellency. Due to high active content , this can be effectively usedat low levels.Imparts a soft hand, reducing the need for chemical or mechanical softening. Also recommended for use on leather and non-woven fabrics.

Antimicrobial Finish:

EPA approved, broad spectrum active anti microbial finish to be used in wide range of textiles, including outerwear,sportswear,socks,insoles,athletic equipment’s,etc. Advantageous over traditional anti-microbials, which provide short term kill of microorganisms, but this product forms a strong molecular bond to surfaces providing long lasting protection against bacteria, fungi & algae.The treated material will remain the fresh smelling & odor free for multiple home laundry, and eliminates the odor caused by human sweat on cloth. Contains no heavy metals, arsenic or polychlorinated phenols and does not leach out to the environment or to the other articles or to skin.EPA approved as a safe antimicrobial in terms for human as well as environment.

Leather and Paper Chemicals:

Currently Under development.