Silicone Emulsions & Softeners
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Silicone Emulsions & Softeners

Micro silicone softener :

GOTS approved, micro amino silicone softener in hydrophobic nature, which makes fabric smooth & soft and designed for cotton &its blends. Available in highly concentrated form as well.

Micro silicone softener (Hydrophilic):

Jet stable,GOTS approved, non ionic ,modified silicone softener,imparting excellent softness, hydrophilicity & antistatic properties of all kinds of fabric.Highly recommend for fabric requiring good wicking & water retention like terry towels, goods for reactive printing.Soft flow machines compatible. Available in high concentrated levels & also as ready to use emulsions.

Concentrated Macro Silicone Emulsion:

Specially crafted nonionic silicone elastomer for all kinds of fabric.Offers, soft ,smooth hand with novel fullness along oily hand feel.Improves lustrous & crease recovery of cotton, polyester & its blends.Can be use to improve tear strength in resin formulations.

Macro Micro combined silicone softener :

A high concentrated non ionic micro amino silicone with amino groups present on siloxane backbone, where it imparts remarkable softness and limpyness to cotton fabrics and its blends. Due to the small particle size, have the ability to cross-link with fibres,where it gives a very good elasticity to the fabric.

Silicone softener for Polyester & Nylon :

A non ionic silicone softener meant for PES,Nylon & its blend fabric.Imparts outstanding softness combined with excellent antistatic properties and hydrophilic properties to polyester.Gives wash durable wicking property

Shade enhancer :

A special silicone softener developed togive color deepening in dark shadesup to 25-30% for polyester,cotton,wool and their blends,giving advantage of less consumption of dye to achieve the desired shade.Gives excellent elastic resilience and soft smooth handle, where it is not need to use extra product for softening