Resin finishing & Related Auxiliaries
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Resin finishing & Related Auxiliaries

Resin with Incorporated Catalyst:

This is a low formaldehyde DHDHEU based cross linking agent for easy-care finishing, permanent three dimensional effects, grey shade and unwashed look.Curing temperatures at 140°- 150° C

Formaldehyde-Free Resin:

This is a non formaldehyde cross linking agent, developed for denim jeans finishing applications, designed to provide excellent crinkle durability & color retention. It has to be applied with a catalyst separately. Curing temperatures at 140° -150° C

Low Temperature curing resin:

This is a DHDHEU based reactant with incorporated catalyst designed to provide durable crinkles & durable press properties on cellulose & it blends at very low curing temperature (100°C).The product is at very low formaldehyde levels.
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is a pre catalyzed product, it eliminates the possibility of catalyst addition errors.The technology is developed to use along with a so called “ Booster” to perform well and polymerize at low temperatures, which is finally suitable for white/light shade garments and delicate fabrics having inherent tearing issues as well.

Resin Booster :

This is an advanced aqueous dispersion of a self-cross linking resin designed to work with glyoxal resins to enhance their performance at low temperatures. Provides, excellent wet & dry clean fastness as well.

Green Resin(Natural, bio degradable):

A patented,REACH & Oeko-tex approved, GRAS- Category -1 listed resin for “Sustainability Concept”, made out of renewable raw materials, therefore bio degradable. Zero formaldehyde & Non DMDHEU based resin with incorporated catalyst.Can be used in crease retentive finishing (3D wrinkles)as well as wrinkle free finishing.Gives plain rigid denim look with minimum impact on strength. Zero formaldehyde level provides safety in production stage and to the end user as well. Gives a comparable performance to conventional resins

Special PU & Acrylic:

Aqueous non-ionic dispersion, with some anionic character.Decreases the strength loss of resin treated fabric.Also this product used as an improver for the wash fastness of pigment,direct & indigo dyeing

3D Effect Improver :

Compound of PVA and other additives,which is used in combination with glyoxal resins to improve the 3 D wrinkle durability.Can be diluted in any ratio with water.Suitable after Indigo-Dyeing and Coating process. Improves dry processing(Hand sand/ whisker)once treated on rigid denims.


Polyethylene Emulsion:

Mainly used a as a strength improver in resin finishing as well as other finishing applications. Does not cause yellowing in usual drying conditions. Readily dispersible even in hard water.Imparts high smoothness and slippery effects on resinated fabrics. Due to the enhanced fiber /yarn lubrication, it improves the sewability of fabric.Available in high concentrated form & GOTS approved

Polyurethene Emulsion:

Water based PU finishing, which provides excellent wrinkle free effect and used to improve the physical ratings like C.R angles& DP appearance on woven & excellent stretch recovery & shape retention on knit.Also a useful tool in preventing fiber from damaging when combined with glyoxal resins.Can improve crock fastness of indigo & sulphur dyed goods.