Green line Products
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Green line Products

Eco Friendly Products with Low Environmental Impact
The Green Line (Eco friendly) products are formulated by careful selection of raw materials which are having lesser impact to the environment. They carry the tag “sustainable” in terms of saving water, energy, process time, and carbon emissions, less BOD / COD levels. In certain cases, the production cycles employed by our manufacturers involves using clean electric power obtained directly by our own photovoltaic plant, thereby reducing the carbon emissions.

Low Temperature Desizing Agent :

A wide temperature applicable amylase enzyme for desizing fabrics and garments sized with starch, starch derivatives or blends of starch and other synthetic materials.

Multi Purpose Desizing Agent :

A proprietary blend of special surfactants which imparts anti redeposition, lubricating, and wetting properties in
addition to the size removal.

Energy Saving Neutral Enzymes :

Buffered, Powdered & liquid enzymatic products for stone wash requirements at low temperature.

One Bath Desize & Abrasion Enzyme :

A “true” neutral cellulase, which performs at low temperature & neutral pH to deliver high contrast on denim fabric, without prewashing with desizing amylase enzymes. Gives fast and even abrasion effect with good anti-back staining effect. Reduces processing time and improves production efficiency. Saves time and energy cost.

One Bath Enzyme :

A wide pH compatible liquid enzyme which revolutionize traditional process by combining a two-step bio-polishing and dyeing process to a simple one-step process, thus allows significantly saving in energy, water and wastewater treatment. It is highly efficient at special fuzz finishing and dead cotton removal and provides comprehensive surface finishing, and softening with minimal strength loss.

This enzyme makes conventional dyeing process in to a simple one-step process, thus allows significantly saving in energy, water and wastewater treatment. It is highly efficient at special fuzz finishing and dead cotton removal and provides comprehensive surface finishing and softening with minimal strength loss.

Formaldehyde Scavenger :

Is a unique, proprietary formaldehyde scavenger compound with ability to reduce the emissions of formaldehyde from durable press finished fabric when measured by either AATCC or Japanese test methods. Has the ability to reduce formaldehyde release by 2-10 fold depending on the level used. Minimum adverse effect on other fabric properties such as whiteness, shrinkage controls, durable press rating, and tensile or tear strength. Can mix with resin mixtures used for either easy care finishing or garment 3D crease applications to reduce the formaldehyde emissions.

Water & Oil Repellent (PFOA/ PFOS Free) :

A highly concentrated, non-flammable fluoropolymer finish based on C-6 technology that imparts excellent water and oil repellency properties to most types of fabrics, either natural or synthetic. Is a low temperature cure product especially recommended for cotton, cotton blends,or other fibers that require low curing temperatures. Treated fabric/ garments will withstand multiple laundry and dry-cleaning cycles, while maintaining a high level of water and oil repellency. Due to high active content , this can be effectively used at low levels. Imparts a soft hand, reducing the need for chemical or mechanical softening. Also recommended for use on leather and non-woven fabrics.

Bleach Buffer :

A non-ionic scouring agent that can be used with hydrogen peroxide to boost white shades and can be used to treat garments with hypochlorite bleaches as an effective buffering agent to avoid tenderizing cotton or cotton blends in a bleach bath while achieving a whiter shade.

Antimicrobial Finish :

EPA approved, broad spectrum active anti microbial finish to be used in wide range of textiles, including outerwear, sportswear, socks, insoles, athletic equipment’s etc. Advantageous over traditional anti-microbials, which provide short term kill of microorganisms, but this product forms a strong molecular bond to surfaces providing long lasting protection against bacteria, fungi & algae.The treated material will remain the fresh smelling & odor free for multiple home laundry, and eliminates the odor caused by human sweat on cloth. Contains no heavy metals, arsenic or polychlorinated phenols and does not leach out to the environment or to the other articles or to skin. EPA approved as a safe antimicrobial in terms for human as well as environment.

Bleach Green :

Color reducing agent obtained from reducing sugars.

Pigment Dye Cationiser Combi :

A combination of novel cationising/ binder system in single bath for pigment dyeing for high color yield with better fixation. Avoid the special bath requires for binder process. Reduces dyestuff usage, Due to the high yield, less soiling on machinery and reduces tedious machine cleanup process.


Green Softener :

Naturally derived hydrophilic softener, providing an alternative to petrochemical based softeners such as fatty acid & amino silicones. Lasting softness, naturally. Works well with all fiber & blends, but especially developed for synthetics for moisture management applications. Outstanding whiteness with no yellowing.


Soaping Agent at Low Temperature :

An innovative energy/ water/ time saving soaping agent for reactive dyes, which totally eliminate unfixed dyes during soaping, quickly and effectively without affecting the color at 75˚ C compared with traditional boiling –off. Greatly improves fastness (water, washing, perspiration, rubbing, color bleeding). Ecological benefits for non-phosphorus, non-VOC, lower COD and BOD.