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  • Project Completion Date: March 27, 2019
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Desizing Enzymes:

These are amylase enzymes which are used to remove starch and starch­containing sizes from apparels.Wide temperature applicability from 40C -75 C.Concentrated versions are available upon request, which can be diluted easily locally.

Bio polishing Enzymes (Neutral): 

Neutral Liquid Bio-Polishing Enzyme, for the removal of hairiness and for the permanent antipiling finishing of cellulosic material.Performs well in 40 C -55 C .Because of the neutral conditions, bio-polishing process can be combined with subsequent dyeing processes as well.

Bio polishing Enzymes (Acid):

Acidic Bio-polishing Enzyme, for the removal of hairiness & for the permanentanti pilling finishing of cellulosic material.Performs well at 55 Cat slightly acidic pH.GOTS approved Enzymes also available in this category.

Highqualitydenim abrasion enzymes:

Theseare highstrength,bio-engineered liquid cellulase enzyme system formulated for denim garment wet processing.Effective on cotton andits blendsat optimum activity, temperature at400C -45C with the pH of the bath at 5.8 -6.5.Gives premium stone washed appearance, improved hand and luster, high contrast with minimum back staining.

High quality Stone Wash Enzymes:

These are formatted neutral enzymes in powder form, which gives a stone washed appearance. It contains a genuine neutral cellulase complex working in the pH 6-7 range, specially developed as the right tool for top quality denim garment finishing which gives a good abrasion, high blue/white contrast and a nice wash pattern and hand feel.Available in both 400C & 50Ccategory.

Energy saving neutral enzymes:

These are liquid enzymes works well at neutral pH & low temperature (Inlet water), which ultimately saves water & energy consumption. In addition to its contrast effect (low back staining), thisproduct also works as anantipiling enzyme.Broad temperature & pH possible, but suggest to use at 35-40 c with neutral pH conditions.

One bath desize & abrasion enzyme:

This enzyme is introduced with the theme of “Sustainability“.A powerful neutral powder enzyme formulation, specially designed as a high-performance enzymatic solution for both desizing & abrasion in one bath. Achieves excellent high color contrast, with limited back staining. Reduce the treatment time & water wash cycles for a denim wet process. Works well at 40 C with neutral pH, where it helps to save carbon emission to the atmosphere by means of less fuel consumptions.

Laccase enzymes:

This is a novel enzyme system for indigo denim fading, to be used as a “non chlorine bleach” option. It is aimed at theme “Sustainability”, where it works at low temperature (35-40 C) & neutral pH.This system replaces corrosive chemicals like permanganate, hypochlorite, andallows bleaching effects that do not damage the fiber. Suitable for stretch denim fading as well. Achieves a very good contrast effect with minimum back staining, where it gives blue denim a grey cast.