• Project Name: Auxiliaries


Scouring Agent:

A concentrated,low-foaming,highspeed, multi-purpose, wetting and scouring agent for all equipment types, developed for atmosphericdesize ranges with excellent detergency and emulsification properties to aid in the rapid removal of synthetic additives used in modern sizing formulas. Compatible with all enzymatic and alkaline preparation operations.
Also act as an oil emulsifier for dirt and fabric contaminants.Can be used as an effective scour and dispersant in batch, continuous or jet bleaching systems.

Desizing Agent :

Thisis aproprietary liquid detergent composition with “Thermo-stable” amylolytic enzyme, anti-redeposition agents, lubricants and surfactants. Itremoves natural starch size as well as many common synthetics sizes at relatively hightemperatures.The dispersing and anti-redeposition capabilities prevent the released dye from back-staining the undyed areas. Also acts as a lubricant, which helps to reduce creasing by imparting good fibre-to-fibre lubrication under wet conditions.

Detergents (liquid) :

GOTS approved, APEO free, low foaming, wetting ,dispersing and detergent for exhaust processing of garments & textiles.

Nonionic Wetting Agent :

APEO/NPEO free, non-ionic wetter and scouring agent designed to remove loom oil from Grieg fabric, performs as an after-scour for dyed goods, and as a wetter in indigo dyeing as well.A very effective wetter /scouring agent in scouring boxes prior to indigo dyeing.Provides detergency for after-scouring of dyed fabrics.Performs on natural and synthetic fabrics equally well and completely resistant to hard water and metallic salts,acids and alkalis.Also a useful tool in resin bath preparations to improve the absorbency of chemical into the fiber.

Anti Creasing/Lubricating Agent:

A high concentrated high molecular weight, alkali stable, non ionic lubricant, which provides excellent fibre/fibre and fibre/metal lubricity.In addition, itimparts softness, bulk and increased absorbency to natural and man-made fibres without leaving residues. Thisis non-yellowing and scorchresistant,evenat the high temperatures. Compatible with amylase and alkaline desizing, resins, handbuilders, catalystsand brighteners.

Dye leveling agent for Cotton:

Is aspecial product for dyeing of cotton and cotton blended knitwearwith good wetting properties. Compatible with both electrolytes normally used in the pre treatment process and dyestuffs, therefore following a one step dyeing process.No further wetting agents are necessary. Has no retarding effect on reactive dyestuffs in hot dyeing processes, where the resultant knitwear has the same depth of shade and uniformity as that produced by conventional dyeing
Leveling agent for PES& PES blends:Is alow foaming dispersing, levelling agent used in rapid dyeing machine for PES &its blends.It exhibits not only sufficiently low foaming property, essentially required for low liquor ratio rapid dyeing, but also excellent migration, retarding, dispersibility and stain reducing effect on dyeing machines. Exhibits no influence on final color.

Sequestering Agent:

A highly effective, versatile, Non EDTA based metal complexing agent for all water systems. Applicable in any stage of textile wet processing. It can reduce hardness of hard water and disperse, eliminate metal complexes in the hard water and stable when H2O2 is existed. Shows superior effect against the back population caused by oligomer, sizing and lubricant in acid bath dyeing process of Nylon, PET and synthetic fiber.Can improve the washing and rubbing fastness of dyestuff, in soaping process.

Peroxide Stabilizer:

This is a high effective non-silicate based stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching treatment in both in batch & continuous process. Avoids problems encounter with conventional silicate based products, where scale build up, faulty dyeing & faulty finishing was a major issue. Gives advantages like saving hydrogen peroxide consumption by stabilizing and adjusting the decomposition speed of hydrogen peroxide, improved color yield in dying process, liquid form, convenience, increasedwhiteness, good soft feel after bleaching.
Residual peroxide remover:
Efficient Bleach Cleanup is especially important when dyeing with dyestuffs sensitive to oxidation like reactive dyes.So this isan industrial grade liquid catalaseenzyme applied in Bleach Cleanup,where residualhydrogen peroxide is removed from textiles and process liquor prior tothe dyeing step.This product offers the advantages of low water consumption,short process time,safe dyeing& environmentally sustainable process..

Dye bath conditioner :

A low foaming product,designed as amultifunctional dye bath conditioner to provide lubrication,dyedispersionstability and fabric cleanliness for cotton dyeing.The excellent lubricating property ensures, eliminating crease marks and unlevelness, where as the dispersing property avoids dye spots and dye precipitation. Soft handle & clean fabrics are the added advantages of using this product in the dyeing cycle.

Cationising agent :

A high quality cationising agent to be used in pigment dyeing. Obtains special dyeing effect and improvecolor yield on cellulosic fibers dye with pigments.Can be used for dark, medium,light and pastel shades.Gives 85 – 95% exhaustion of pigment, where it reduces the pollution load and hence cost of effluent treatment.

Binder for pigments :

Self reactive acrylic polymer for durable pigment binding where it improves washing fastness, dry and wet crock fastness too. It lends an unique soft hand for pigment systems, which cannot be achieved by conventional pigment dyeing systems
Fixing Agent for Indigo :
Special fixing agent for indigo dyed articles with Zero formaldehyde levels. Can use for improving rubbing fastness of reactive, sulphur and pigment dyed material as well. Improves overall wet fastness & perspiration fastness.

Dye fixing agent:

Formaldehyde & heavy metal free dye fixing agent fordirect/reactive/pigmentdyeing. The product can be used in textile & garment dyeing applications. Improves dye bleed in wet baths, wash/crock fastness and no adverse effect on light fastness.

Powder Detergent(without OBA) :

A Universal washing agent for cleaning of cotton,synthetic,cotton/synthetic blended fabric. Contains oxygen based bleaching agent and effective at all temperatures.Bio degradable.