Anti-back Staining Agents
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  • Project Commencement Date: January 26, 2019
  • Project Completion Date: March 27, 2019
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Anti-back Staining Agents

Anti-back staining agent(Liquid):

A superior product made with patent rights. Specially made polymer for use as an antiredeposition & dispersing agent of garment wet processing.Suitable for almost all types of fabric (cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blends) with outstanding dye anti redeposition properties in garment wet processing (especially denim) & other washing & scouring systems.Compatible to use with all enzyme systems including amylases,cellulases. Is extremely effective as an abrasion enhancement product in providing high contrast finishes without unwanted redeposition. Have the added benefit of improvement of garment’s physical ratings after processing.

Concentrated Anti-Back Staining Agent:

Specially made polymer using a patented technology for use as an anti redeposition & dispersing agent of garment wet processing,available in concentrated form as a viscous liquid.


Powdered Anti-Back Staining Agent:

This is a powerful anti-back staining agent in powdered, 100% solids. It can be used very effectively in all stages of enzyme washing of denim garments such as amylase desizing,cellulase abrasion,laccase treatment plus hypochlorite bleaching.This stage improves contrast and cleaner looking pockets.It can also be used as a base to make dry blended products containing amylase, cellulose or laccase enzymes to produce garments with less dye deposition and cleaner pockets.

Back stain clean up agent:

Easy & efficient back stain prevention removal product in powder form, applicable in all garment finishing process steps.Can use in prewash/desizing ,enzyme/biowash,afterwash(wash off).High contrast effects can be obtained when use in conjunction with detergent & soda ash.Effective at 40 C, where it ensures a gentle & economical wash off step due to the low temperature.